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Creating Your Own Shortcuts For Efficient Grading

More and more teachers are making the switch from requiring students to turn in physical copies of papers to the electronic copy route. I won't get into which way is the right way to go because lets be honest, there are advantages and disadvantages for both systems. However, with Google creating Google Classroom, lots of teachers have made the switch.

So let's say that you are a teacher that has about 50 electronic papers waiting for your attention in your Google Drive account. You want a way so that you can still provide meaningful feedback but you don't want to spend hours doing it.

Here is your solution, create your very own shortcuts! Basically, if you have phrases that you write out a lot - why not create a short cut so that you don't have to write out all of the words that you want to say. It is very easy to do:

1. Go to preferences under the Tools menu

2. You will notice that Google already has shortcuts created for you. (If you don't want them, you can dele…

Google Keep - Great Way to Stay Organized!

Just recently, a staff member (Sue Reilly) shared a tool that she has been using, Google Keep. This is a great tool for those people who LOVE sticky notes. These sticky notes are virtual however and can be accessed anytime you are logged into your Google Account. And, this tool is WAY BETTER than the tasks list that is built into GMail. Trust me on this one!

Oh and the best part you might ask? You can create SHARED stickies with other people so that task lists can be edited in real time collaboratively. In other words, you can have a task list with a co-worker while another sticky is not shared with anyone.

Below is an example of what my Google Keep looks like. The Green Sticky is shared with two other people, the Blue Sticky is not share with anyone, and the Red Sticky is shared with one other person.

Other Features of Google Keep

Stickies can be different colors to help differentiate between tasksStickies can either be notes or task listItems can be deleted from a list once you have …