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Electronic Verbal Feedback w/ Read & Write

Last month, a colleague of mine, Donna Dennis shared with me an efficient way for a teacher to give electronic verbal feedback on student work. She was introduced to this idea at the Christa McAuliffe Tech Conference, I think it came from Jenn Judkins. I thought it was a very clever idea and wanted to share.

Instructions on how to get things set up and actually record comments can be found below in the Google Drawing below. However, in order to access the links provided in the Google Drawing, you will want to click HERE. In order to use this process, you must be using Chrome as well as the Read & Write chrome extension.

What I appreciate most about this process is that students do not need access to a separate account (through an add on, chrome extension, or google app). Only the teacher needs access to Read & Write to leave electronic verbal comments in a students' Google Document. I also appreciate the fact that Read & Write will give an educator a free account if th…

Supporting Students through Appointment Slots

A year ago, I wrote a blog post on how you could set up appointment slots in Google Calendar for people to sign up to reserve a time. This is a helpful process as it automatically shows up in your calendar. This feature can be used for many purposes, such as student conferencing and/or presentation time slots.

Well this year, I have a follow up to that blog post. This year, a humanities team decided to give their students an opportunity to choose what they wanted to learn, during a particular unit, and showcase to the rest of the class. Of course there were parameters as the learning had to be tied to an essential question.
Krystin Cooney and Jess Hatzidakis asked both the librarian (Jess Gilcreast) and I if we would be willing to help out their students when it came time for researching and finding the 'right' tool to showcase their work. Of course, we said yes! They clearly stated that they were not looking for Gilcreast and I to put together a presentation to the whole class…

New Year - Reflection and Being Present

So I am going to be one of those people who adds their own thoughts about the new year and moving forward. Here is my top five list.

Reflection - can be an important and valuable thing - and I have found myself doing this a lot more lately, which is a GREAT THING.

What have I been reflecting on you might ask?

1. Being creative and innovative - now that we no longer new to #GSuite I am constantly trying to find ways of being more creative with the tool. One of those is how I am delivering professional development for the staff. This year, the librarian and I have created our own badge system (with inspiration from others) to help encourage our staff to take their learning to the next level with a combination of Google Classroom and Google Sheets. How can we continue to push the envelope and take things to the next level? Can't wait to find out!

2. Learning from peers - Last month we had some visitors come to Bedford High School to see how technology is integrated into classes. While t…