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Creating Images with Google Auto Draw

In a recent post, I had mentioned that I was participating in #sketch50 challenge, where at the end of the challenge, I will have had created 50 sketches. Not everyone might have the time to actually create a sketch which is where one of Google's AI Experiments, Auto Draw, can come into play. If you find that you cannot create a 'well designed image' you can have auto draw actually predict what you are drawing and select from the images that it has already curated from artists.

For instance, I drew the following image from my laptop. On the top of the screen, it predicted that it might be a skateboard, or a bus, or a car or a... Then I am able to tell it what I was wanting it to be - In this case, I wanted it to be a car. I could then change color of the image, and if I wanted, I could also add other content with it. 

This can be a great way by which a student can get free to use images to support the work that they produce. I find this to be a very clever tool as it can b…