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Check Out New View of Gmail

Next time that you are in your School GMail - check out the new view. To get this new look, you must allow Google to make the switch. To do this choose the setting icon on the top right and select "Try the new Bedford School District Mail".

NOTE: If you don't see the message in settings, refresh your GMail tab and retry.

Some of the features that I am most excited about is that I no longer have to rely on having multiple tabs open for me to check my calendar of events or my Google Keep items. You now have the ability to view them from the small right column. You also have the ability to gain more real-estate by collapsing your labels when you don't need them from the hamburger icon on the top left.
Another simple improvement is the ability to see ahead of time if an email has any 'attachments'.

Lastly, AI intelligence will sometimes help predict what an appropriate response might be for an email.

Any questions or issues, let us know! And that is my Spiel...

YouTube Videos and New Settings in Google Slides

This post reminds me of how important it is to continue to learn and grow. Just when you think you might know everything there is to know about a tool, you discover that is not the case.
Google has made some changes recently with Google Slides. I really had not appreciated the change until it became beneficial to me last night. I had seen/read that Google included a video setting for YouTube videos that are included in a Google Slide but never realized to the extent of the features.

Autoplay YouTube Video
You now have the ability for YouTube videos to start playing when you get to the slide that the video is located on. This is a great enhancement as there have been many of times when I have given a presentation and I wanted the video to start. However, I had to go to my laptop to actually click on the video to get it started.

STEPS Insert YouTube video from the insert menu Select the YouTube video frame Choose Video Options from the toolbar Check ‘Autoplay when presenting’ (You will al…

Flipgrid: Collaboration Between Two Schools

For about 6 or 7 years now, high school students have collaborated with one of the elementary schools in town, Peter Woodbury Elementary School. In particular, Mr. Pepper's World Religions class has worked with students from kindergarten to second grade. Both classes have actually had the opportunity to visit each other's schools to complete the collaboration project. Every year, the project has consisted of using technology by creating digital stories from high school skits, relating to a particular theme.

This year, a new collaboration has been started between the high schools Ceramics teacher, Anne Lederhos, and the Art teacher at Peter Woodbury, Ann Marie Piantedosi. With the help of Flipgrid, students have been able to collaborate and share ideas with each other. This has been a great way to work with one another as traveling between schools was not feasible for this particular project. Even though we were not able to see each other in person, Flipgrid was the perfect to…

Stepping Outside My Comfortable Limits

The title of this post should speak for itself. "Stepping Outside My Comfortable Limits" - it is a statement that we hear from time to time. Well, I can say that I have done this recently. As a kid, I always dreaded reading. It just was not my thing. Give me some math problems to solve and I was right there ready to go with my mechanical pencil. Yes, I LOVED mechanical pencils! Well, fast forward to March 2018...who knew that I would be co-leading an online book chat with the librarian in my school, Jessica Gilcreast, as a means of delivering professional development. In fact, when I told my family about this, my brother thought I was lying and my mother smiled. In the end, once I truly convinced them of my task at hand, they were impressed with me. Put a smile on my face.

The Journey
This inspiration came from Tina Zita, whom I have never met before, back in Winter 2016. My friend Mary Marotta, said she was reading a book called "Launch" and came across a book cha…

Turning Student Artwork into Virtual Reality 360 Image

Here we go again. Craig is writing another blog post about virtual reality. I promise that we do other things at the high school that I work at. However, we continue to try new things pertaining to virtual reality.

Last November, I attended a session that Kathy Schrock was giving. It had to do with taking 360 pictures with mobile devices. This session, like others that I have attended from Kathy, gave me a new idea that I hadn't thought of before. She had shared that there was a way to take artwork from students and turn it into a 360 image. I thought that this was brilliant. The website that she shared was Panoform. Panoform allows a user to upload an image to view with a VR headset.

So, the very next day I was at school, I had to share this idea with one of our art teachers who teaches both Photoshop and Drawing. She loved the idea.

Drawing I Class
Mrs. Hogan downloaded one of the template grids on panoform's website. She then had students take the paper and practice drawing h…

Virtual & Augmented Reality Station Work

Happy New Year everyone! Seems hard to believe that I have started my journey with this blog three years ago. This blog has been one of those places that I have been able to reflect on things that have been accomplished in my school as well as share some of my favorite tips and tricks. My only hope is that I have more time to share more of my thoughts throughout this year.

One blog post that I have been meaning to write about for a couple of months now is how teachers at Bedford High School are implementing virtual and augmented reality in the classroom, beyond using Google Expeditions. This has been done through the use of station work. Mrs. Pingree & Mrs. Nardion (science), Mr. Guerard (Wellness) and Mrs. Sarsfield & Mrs. Orrego & Ms. Close (Spanish II) have all followed this type of model. One specific example that I want to share is what Mrs. Pingree and Mr. Guerard did.

Exploring the Heart
Heart Example 1:
Mrs. Pingree teaches a Sports, Health & Exercise science ele…